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Dominik Weber

I'm a software developer with a particular interest in software architecture. Having multiple pieces of software working together to generate value for the customer fascinates me.

I see the discipline of software development as the art of solving problems with code.

Next to my day job I also like to work on side-projects and educate myself in topics necessary to build great products, specifically product and UI/UX design.

Continuous learning in general is something I highly value and devote a big chunk of my spare time to.


Values are an important part of how work gets done. Mine are

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Wholistic thinking
  • Ownership and autonomy
  • Trust and respect

I will strive towards them, to uphold them and try to change the environment if necessary. You can read more about them in my blogpost fittingly called Values.


You can find my resume here.


You can find me on Twitter or shoot me an email to