2022-06-25(1 min)

Vertical tabs in Visual Studio Code

2022-03-27(6 min)

My engineering booklist

2021-03-27(2 min)

Developing a reading list for programmersFirst steps

2021-03-21(3 min)

Developing a reading list for programmersMotivation

2020-03-23(5 min)


2020-02-18(6 min)

Product Development Checklist

2020-02-08(6 min)

Building a Team - Part 1

2019-09-13(5 min)

Thoughts on Developer Autonomy

2019-08-27(5 min)

Expectations for our new Component Library

2019-08-23(2 min)

Type-Safe Redux Reducers

2019-07-15(3 min)

List of Built-In Helper Types in TypeScript

2019-07-15(3 min)

Mapped Types in TypeScript

2019-02-01(15 min)

Lessons Learned Transitioning to Lead Engineer

2019-01-05(17 min)

An Indie Hacker's Story - Two Years of Developing a No-Fluff Dream Journal

2018-06-17(2 min)

Coloring white Images with CSS filter

2018-05-10(8 min)

Setting up a Reverse-Proxy with Nginx and docker-compose

2018-04-04(4 min)

Hosting Asp.Net Core Applications on Windows Server Core

2018-02-18(1 min)

Using Scripting to quickly execute repetitive Tasks

2017-12-14(2 min)

The Bliss of Automating my Server Setup

2017-03-31(3 min)

Building a Color Scheme Generator

2017-03-26(4 min)

Learning Gulp for Website Minification

2017-03-20(5 min)

Immediate Font Fallback Rendering for Firefox and Webkit Browsers

2016-07-13(2 min)

Cached IEnumerable Implementation

2016-06-23(1 min)

Implementing Soft-Delete in pure MySQL

2016-03-31(2 min)

Keeping Canvas (or any other Element) from rendering outside its Bounds in UWP

2016-03-09(2 min)

Creating custom Shapes for UWP Apps

2015-11-05(3 min)

Ripple Effect in WPF